Is this texture possible yet in Rhino for Mac?


Are textures like this possible in Rhino for Mac yet? And does anyone know where I can buy existing materials/textures?
I tried manipulating a few things and the only thing which seems to change is the color… Am I doing something weird here?
Thank you:)

(Brian James) #2

Rhino for Mac doesn’t have render mesh displacement (as seen in Windows Rhino 5) to make 3D textures from 2D image textures. You could use the Wirecut command to cut a jagged profile out of a block though. Do this on all 4 sides of an extrusion and you’d have your individual pieces to begin positioning them into a frame.

If you’re looking at making the lower texture as part of a material for a rendering, you can ultimately do that with bump mapping in the material but this wasn’t working in the last Mac Rhino build I tested. Bump mapping should be supported soon though as the rendering side of Rhino for Mac gets tuned up. Keep in mind that bump mapping in a material will not produce actual geometry and the silhouette edges of the block form would still look straight.


Great answer Brian… I really like what you pointed out abut the edges.
I’ve always used a photo for creating textures.
I’ve never used the wire cut or lower texture… do you have to manually cut each slice out of what ever you are doing or can you do a cut and tell Rhino to make random cuts just like that all over the piece?
I guess I will read up about this lower texture as well.
Thank you again.

(Brian James) #4

Yes, you’d need to make the cuts by drawing curves, trimming them against one another, joining the result into a closed profile and finally using Wirecut. Here’s an example file. The block was then rotated in the last step and wirecut for the other three sides using the same profile curve.

In Windows Rhino you could use the Grasshopper plugin to randomize cuts like this but that would require a bunch of other information to explain and I see you’re using the Rhino for Mac WIP now which doesn’t have Grasshopper. I would just model it manually as shown providing the randomness as you draw the curves.

Wirecut.3dm (750.2 KB)


that was very helpful. thank you Brian:)
…you know, there should be a way to automate this… like do one side and say this is my ‘texture a’ , and now apply this texture to this piece… because what happens if you want the same texture but on a square stock which has been bent to a curve?


Hello, I’d like to work with textures using the 3d displacement command. Is this command going to be integrated into rhino for mac? Or will I need to use the pc version only? Thank you!

(Brian James) #7

ApplyDisplacement isn’t in Rhino for Mac yet but it’s planned. I’ve added your request to the open item in our system…

Here’s a list of the commands not in Rhino for Mac…

In the meantime, you could use Heightfield to make a mesh or surface displacement and then FlowAlongSrf to wrap it onto your target surface.


Thanks for the response! I haven’t worked with Heightfield before so I’ll
definitely check that out.