Rendered View: poor performance when dragging, editing objects

Would like to work with texures objects and only in Rendered View they show up, is there a setting that would control performance in Rendered View. During the move command response of geometry will be delayed and slow. Changing view would be responsive.

Thank you!

turn off shadows in your display mode (rendered) and set lighting to none, that will usually effectively bring back performance to live.

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Go to the following topic and download Bobi1.ini . This is a performance viewport mode which is faster than Rhino’s Shaded mode and also shows the render material and textures. You will find all necessary instructions there.

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Thank you @encephalon for this knowledge!
@Rhino_Bulgaria Read your post two weeks ago, and wanted to try but was so busy. Looks all so promising, today is the day :slight_smile:

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Hopefully this will help. It’s my main viewport mode for a reason. :slight_smile: Cheers