Rendered mode is all black

Hi McNeel
I’ve just installed iRhino on my iPad for the first time, and the rendered view is all black (the actual 3D model, that is. The background looks fine!). This goes for any model I’ve opened so far. What to do/try?

Hi @Normand

Can you please tell me the version of the app you’re running as well as your device information (model/iOS version)


Hi @mkarimi
Sorry for the slow reply - here you go:

Regards, Jakob

Thanks @Normand,
We’ve seen this issue on older devices and are looking into it. Will keep you posted if we find a fix

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I love how 4½ years in tablet-land is “older devices” :rofl: But I know… it’s a fast moving world!

@Normand I believe that the black rendered mode bug is fixed in the latest iRhino release. If you are still seeing this bug, please let us know.

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