Render: weird luminous area

This does not look like right lighting… Anyone could suggest the settings I should fix?

RenderImages.3dm (1.2 MB)
Also, the shadows should be way softer, and I tweak the material’s transparency but it doesn’t seem to change at all.

The white glow would be the reflection of the environment, in your case it is solid white.

What are you trying to achieve here? With Rhino Render and Raytraced you get raytraced materials. Transparency in custom material works more like a filter. The darker your color, the less light gets through, even if you have transparency set very high.

If you’re going for a gem-like stone, why not use a Gem material?

How should the shadows look like? What you see in your render is dark faces that don’t receive so much light.

You have welded some of your non-planar faces, so you’re getting some interesting light interaction in your geometry anyway.

Heyy thank you for replying even if it was very general. I would like 1. to get rid of any reflection of the environment, the only characteristics in the form should be about the form itself. 2. the shadows should be light, just as mush as needed to get a sense of depth and how the form is, meaning to get a sense of the facets of this polyhedron. And lastly I still need some transparency to show the facets that are behind.
To summarize, a pretty flat image would be good, but some shadows are needed to understand where each face is.

I don’t think it will be possible with the currently available materials and settings.

With your geometry unwelded and slightly camera moved you maybe could get there but it still is not going to be easy to have this work from all viewpoints, unless you also alter the lighting setup for each vantage point.

edit: in the image I turned on drawing of curves to help guide the eye.

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Thank you :slight_smile: