Render/preview meshes for transformations

Hi all.

Often in my works I have some intermediate “step” where I have to orient/stretch some/multiple brep, and to keep a realtime interaction i temporary transform their meshes+edges instead of the actual breps.
Because grasshopper re-mesh every brep too much often!

In rhino any trasformation of a complex brep does not trigger a remeshing. And not for simple rotations/translation/orientation but even for non-uniform scaling, stretching, shearing, etc…
Which is very convenient! We can drag an heavy brep with the gumball (or nudge) without the fear of losing too much time.

In grasshopper:

inherited preview (19.0 KB)
In the first/top case, the total amount of computation time should be 65ms , but then there is a hidden meshing time for a total of 3 seconds! (it would be useful to see also the meshing time added to the computation time… maybe)
Second case, preview off, everything is quick.
Third case, preview on, quick… are parameters inheriting the preview mesh?

Another simple example
inherited preview meshes (11.8 KB)

Couldn’t transformation in grasshopper inherit/reuse the rendermeshes in the same way that it happens in rhino?
The transformation is applied to both: brep and rendermesh, thus avoiding the remeshing…

@DavidRutten have you considered this matter for GH2?
(sorry for adding new stuff on the stack)