Export Grasshopper preview objects

Hi everybody,

I would like to be able to access the preview objects during a Grasshopper session. My goal is to draw all (or most of) the objects drawn in the viewports generated as Grasshopper previews in another render engine.
I have been looking for a way to stream the meshes out with the RDK or for a Grasshopper function to get all the previous every time something changes (so preferably with an event watcher).
Do you have any hint/suggestion/example? C++ is better but anything is welcome.


If you want to connect with another render engine the best thing to do is to create realtime render engine integration. You’d implement your own changequeue that will pump all the mesh data to you as it changes. Raytraced does and is able to show GH generated meshed when components are attached to the custom display component.

There are samples of setting up such integrations in both C++ and C#

C++ Realtime renderer and changequeue

C# renderer integration

Edit: (Realtime) render integration and changequeue is a new RDK technology introduced in v6.

I need time to look into it but it totally seems to be what I was looking for…
Thank you so much!!!

Feel free to ask more questions, we love to spread the wonder of the changequeue (:

I have been playing a bit with the two sample plugin and I have to confess that I have not really understood how to get the meshes of the previews. The only meshes we get in the example of the changequeue are the ones in the document. I suspect I should look into ApplyDynamicObjectTransforms function but I don’t know how to deal with the DynamicObject class.
Did I miss something?

To get geometry from GH into a view you need to connect them to a custom display component. That will have (meshable) geometry show up in Rendered and Raytraced (and whatever you implement).