Render Mesh to Screen Artifact


I am generating a sequence of images for animation, with bar graphs on top of the viewport made with Human Render Mesh to Screen. The images gradually degrade / break up after about 100~400 frames. Different artifacts appear either in Rendered view or Shaded view. It doesn’t matter how I capture the view. The artifact appears both in the viewport and in the image file.

I made a post earlier about this issue. At that time I was not sure what caused the artifact.

Now it seems to happen only when I use this component. I made an example with only some boxes, and the GH script adding a “progress bar” on the screen. Please check if you see the same issue too.

Human Render Mesh to Screen Artifact.3dm (873.0 KB)
Human Render Mesh to Screen (18.5 KB)

Screenshot from current example:

Any fix or recommendations?

render mesh to screen is probably expanding the scene extents very large every time it draws… and it’s slowly growing larger and larger. Does setting a lower “depth” help? Otherwise we might need some sort of script between frames to force the scene extents to reset.

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for your answer!
I did some more tests. A lower depth helps in my simple example here, but doesn’t help much with a complex model where I really need it. Could you explain a bit more and give a sample script to reset the scene extents?