Render Mesh looks strange, does not follow internal edges

In the attached you find a conic propeller hub with trims to fit the propeller blades. The render mesh of this is quite wrong. If you Untrim and keep the trim curves, the re-trim with them, the same ugly mesh is obtained. What can be done here?

RenderMeshProblem.3dm (237.9 KB)

Hi @menno
I don’t know how (or why) you got the two caps and cylinder merged (perhaps using MergeSrf), but use DivideAlongCreases to turn it into a “conventional” polysurface with actual edges - that’ll give you a much nicer mesh.

HTH, Jakob


Ah, yes. I have CreaseSplitting disabled - for good other reasons, but here it bites me.

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Sorry, could’nt resist :wink:


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Hey Menno,
I had a good laugh seeing you post Rhino memes.

't moet niet gekker worden…


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