Another render mesh failure

The surface in the attached file joins perfectly to the adjacent surfaces. It just doesn’t have a render mesh and I need this model to render. I tried rebuilding the edges, duping edges and looking for self-intersecting curves, and merging edges. Nothing seems to work.

If you solve it please reveal the secret.

TIA ~ Robb
RenderMeshIssue3.3dm (105.0 KB)

Hi Robb - zoom way way in, here

Use a parallel view to get close enough- you’ll see there is a spur in the edge.


I don’t know what is around that corner that might be responsible, but that is where I’d look.

DupBorder, UntrimBorder, Trim with the large border curve - the micro one stays separate.

Also, fyi, how I found it was:
Set the scale low enough that you can see the spike in the graph at that location.

Thanks Pascal - Don’t use the curvature graph much but will keep it in mind for future diagnostics.