Render Display mode

How to render display mode that your working in…eg. if im working with ghosted display I would like my rendered image to be egsactly the same.
Is there a way to achive this?


Is there a difference between this and PRINTSCREEN?
The goal is to render (with desired resolution) what you see on the screen.
Eg. I want to be able to render my screen using “artistic display” because it look great. Can it be done?


Yes, printscreen captures your entire screen to the clipboard as-is, ViewCaptureToFile captures only the active Rhino viewport (at screen resolution). With a dash, -ViewCaptureToFile offers some command line options, including changing the resolution of the capture.

Thanx people! :slight_smile:

Forgot to ask, when viewing a model for top view, can is be switced so that it looks like a perspective projection, not parallel?

Hi Mario - use viewport properties (Properties panel with no selection and Top view active) to change the camera projection from parallel to perspective. Also, a macro like this:

! _-ViewportProperties _Projection _Perspective _EnterEnd