"Render Content Name Conflict" - wish: set default to "keep original ..."


I have a very complex and large project file and I afraid to loose my current setup by a mistake. I would prefer to use “keep original …” as default for every day usage. Is there a way to set it? If not, could this be possible for further Rhino versions please?



Default should be EXISTINGNAME_01 (padding a number to the end of the name).Then one can remove it or use “Replace Material” if need be.

Then you have an eternity to think about how to deal with it.

// Rolf

EXISTINGNAME_01 sounds like a programming option. Do you mean it is possible to set the default way?

I have a train interior. The link block seat_first_class is using a fine adjusted leather material at the main scene file. If I would choose “automatically rename”, than the seat block wouldn’t be connected to the leather material anymore. A new leather_2 would be created and connected to the seat block, right? I don’t know an easy way to reconnect the material of the seat block to the well adjusted leather material of the assembly file. So,the connection is broken. If I would save the main assembly file and open the next time, than the connection to the leather material can’t be bring back anymore.

The full story is - the project contains three different types of first class seats, all linked blocks. Per “automatical rename …” I would lost the connection to the adjusted leather material. Dangerous option.

At Vray for Rhino the option “keep the original …” is the default option. It works very well since years.

Hi Micha - I’ve added the request…




Hi Pascal,

two more notes. Could the dialog option be changed too. I’m confused by what is new what is original? I would prefer “imported” and “exist”. Here how it is be done at VfR since a few years:

For my request to change the default set option. If I understand right the current default selection " automatic rename" can cause trouble. A lot of additional materials are at the file and if the user save the file and open it next time, what will follow - more renamed materials? My impression is “keep original …” is the most save option without to destroy something or to create a lot of unwanted data.

I have just committed a fix for this issue. It should appear in Rhino 6 SR7.