Render Batch

Two questions/wishes:

  1. Is there a way to render batch specific views (i.e. not all the views in the model but just some)?
  2. Is there a way to keep the computer awake while render batch? I let the render batch running and my computer went to sleep after a while, I expected that while rendering the computer would understand it is not idle.

Another two:
Is it possible to render batch specific scenarios (different sun position in same or specific views?
Is it possible to save views with more info like environment scenarios (different sun position, etc), different layer settings, etc

Thanks, N

Hi @nsgma ,

Use the Named Views panel to save views > then use BatchRenderNamedViews. Lens length and focal blur will save to named views too which can be useful.

I think you’ll need to configure your OS to not go to sleep.

There’s a Snapshots panel which saves everything not just the view but you can’t batch render through these at the moment. It’s filed however as a feature request already…

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Thanks Brian,
I’ll look into the snapshots.
I do know the batchRenderNamedViews, but it renders all the views, doesn’t it? I would like to be able to select which ones to batch.

I don’t know a way to selectively batch render named views… maybe it could be scripted. I’d probably use SaveAs to make a new copy of the file and then delete the views I didn’t need to render.