BUG : Named Viewports cannot be modified after BatchRenderNamedViews

I’m using rhino 7 SR11 .21264.11001 on windows 10. I have a scene that i’m using BatchRenderNamedViews on. If I cancel the render, all of the buttons to modify the named views panel have no effect. IE< i cannot reorder, delete, etc. I think there is an issue where the objects ARE being modified but they cannot display until i exit rhino and re-open.

I really wish BatchRenderNamedViews was more full featured, allowing for different drawing styles to be batched. I think this would be made possible if named views could hold view style and layers on/off as properties. Sketchup does this pretty well so you could generate many types of rendered shaded, arctic etc. images from Batch without having to set it up several times.

Does this mean that the buttons do work if you let the BatchRenderNamedViews run its course?

The BatchRenderNamedViews is specifically for batching the _Render command with named views. I probably can introduce a different version, say BatchRecordNamedViews that would allow the user to pick the method of getting the results: capturing in what display mode, or rendering with the current renderer.

It seems like the behavior ONLY occurs if the render is aborted.

It would be great to have that additional batch command. It would go a long way to quickly generate white model views for clients fast.

It would also be very handy on both batch commands if it were possible to set the default file format. For whatever reason it is PNG when I batch, even though JPG is the first suggested setting for saving when I am doing a single production render.

I have logged the feature request as RH-65794 Create a BatchRecordNamedViews command

And the image format selection as RH-65795 Add possiblity to choose image file format.

I am unable to reproduce the problem with named views panel buttons not doing anything. I start a BatchRenderNamedViews and press esc the moment the render window pops up and the render starts. I answer Yes to the question if I want to abort. After that I can just normally move around named views, delete, etc. I am on Rhino 7, 7.11.21271.01001.