Render a dense mesh edges into an image file with hidden geometry

Ok…now…with or without edges? I couldn’t find any good method to get a proper representation of them. Capturing Rhino screen at 5906*5906 produce a heavy banding effect (I’m sure that it’s some kind of effect produced by the graphic card when you exceed screen resolution); getting the same printing to image with the printing window.

Using Rhino6 Wip and trying a make2d out of the meshes takes forever (I cancelled after 2 hours).
Vray toon shader produces this artefacts that you can see in the capture, even playing with bias and angle settings in the toon shader…

Has anyone ever tried to render the edges of a very dense mesh out of a Rhino model, hiding what is in the back? Thanks in advance.

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Ok…disabling the safe frame made the trick with the -viewportcapturetoclipboard command. Is there any issue reported to fix it? Just to add an option to the command to disable the safe frame to avoid this safe frame repetitions at high resolutions?

Thanks in advance.