White edge on rendered view

I get a white edge on the rendered view (image below). Any way to get rid of it? I do see that if I zoom way in it goes away, but I’m wondering if there is some setting that would get rid of it even when zoomed out.

I’m thinking one answer is to just go ahead and render the view I want. But whenever I hit the render button, I get some very odd grainy results that take forever and don’t look like my rendered viewport. Is there a way to make the render button come up with something just like the rendered view except higher resolution?



Rhino Render in Rhino 7 will give the same results as Raytraced.

If you want a larger version of Rendered mode then you can use -_ViewCaptureToFile or -_ViewCaptureToClipboard where you can give a larger size for the result you want.