Renaming Named Views in bulk and editing, selecting parts of names

Hi, I’ve been trying to rename a lot of named views to add a number in front of the name for around 40 named views.
There is no bulk tool visible for this, but using F2 can be used to rename “quickly” each named view. Unfortunately, selecting where to change or add text in an existing named view name seems to be tricky. It works when you click at the beginning of the name, but you can’t navigate the text editing cursor like in a normal text editor.
Is this something that could be fixed? Are there other named view managing tools out there?
Thanks a lot!

And also it seems like when you delete a named view (using the delete key), you can’t redo it. Is this normal?

Hi Mendel - I am not following - what are you doing, exactly, to rename the named views? How does F2 (command history) help?


Well, to rename the views, I select one with my mouse, and then hit F2. It’s a seems to be a classic windows shortcut for rename filenames and such.
So this works, but once the text is marked for editing, I can’t move my text cursor to adjust where in the name I am editing. I have to hit the right spot with my mouse to enable the editing precisely somewhere in the name.
So this seems like a detail, but it’s not perfectly efficient when you have to edit 40 views.
I found a workaround, but I was just wondering if there’s a better way to do this.

Hi Mendel -

That sounds like that should work, yes. I’ve reported this as RH-68197.
Note that you can use the Home and End keys to position the cursor at the beginning or end of the name.

Thanks Wim,
That’s already a nice help!

I can confirm that there is something glitchy with renaming Named Views. It is not simply possible to skip through the list with up/down arrows, press F2 to rename, then tab or enter to jump to the next list item. In the layer panel, it works as expected.

Here a crude GHpython solution. new_name list will change all_views list, if you don’t want the name to change keep it the same in the new_name list. (7.2 KB)

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Thanks Japhy,
This is a nice solution too that can be very useful for big lists indeed.