Rename Layer problem

Nearly every time, i try to rename a layer in rhino, the cursor jumps from the layer panel into the commandline and tries to interprete the text as a command.

Sometimes i have to try several times to rename a layer, until the name is accepted successfully.

Is there any setting to control this behavior?

Thank You.

That almost sounds like an hardware problem. What version of Rhino are you running?

No problem in my Rhino .

My hardware is a core i7 4790 @4 Ghz and 16 Gb of Ram and a geforce 1050.
I had similar problems on older machines.

I’m running newest RH6 with updates.
The problem allready existed in RH5, but now it`s seems to be even more often to happen.

I’m thinking more as in mouse or keyboard. If you have used the same ones on older machines, than things start making even more sense.

Hello Wim,

thank You for Your tip!
I think I’ve solved the problem now.

I use to work on an wacom-tablet wich works fine inside rhino.
If the cursor is exactly over the text to be edited, it works fine.
But if I move the cursor only a little bit outside the text, it jumps into the commandline.
I didn’t realize this yet.

I think this problem will occur only to me (and very few other users of wacoms) and not in case if one uses a common mouse.

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