Removing inner Intersections

I’m taking practice with this and i want to know what could be the simplest way to found to get just the outer lines getting deleting the inners to build just one surface.

I think is a hard trim process script but I dont know maybe it´s so easy .

files attached.

inner intersections.3dm (206.6 KB)
inner (28.5 KB)

I got this using ‘SrfSplit’ with your pairs of curves and filtering the results based on how many ‘Discontinuity’ points are found on each subsurface, assuming it’s always four? I hoped that ‘Edges En’ would return only the “naked edges” you are looking for but that didn’t work. Looks good rendered though.

inner (27.9 KB)

Thank you very much that is a nice approach but is the same if you loft the initial pair of curves.
I would like remove the intersections to get a clean surface instead a lot of overlap surfaces.

Not quite the same as ‘Loft’, which ignores the original surface - unlike ‘SrfSplit’ which returns fragments of it.

This is closer to what I was hoping for but it is SLOW (21 minutes for ‘SrfSplit’, 1.1 minutes for ‘Area’!) and filtering the surface fragments isn’t 100% effective. Distracted, may not get back to this today.

inner (34.9 KB)

I appreciate your help this is more accurate I will play with those scripts but just in case you get another solution please post it please.

I’d like to understand why the ‘Srf CP (D)’ values are greater than one? I expected those values to be closer to zero, in which case this method would work. But I’m out of time for now.

you forgot the reparametrize option I think but yeap the calculation is very slow.

This is what I’m trying: I made a interpolate curve between the curves to use like guide so cull the inner segmentes, I’m trying to split with multiple curves command it results into all the points necessary to apply a split but shatter component result in a lot of segments if did the result were just the small lines into the intersections Maybe I could cull it and joining it to split into the initial geometry and get finally just one surface.

As I wrote Shatter results in a lot of segments and does not give me just de smaller sections.inner (35.1 KB)

First, you went to a lot of unnecessary trouble (purple group) to get what the ‘TweenCrv’ component does for you:

Now what are you going to do with it?

Second, ‘MCX’ is more complicated than you think…

Nice tip thanks

Well there the problem the “mcx” could explode mi curves with the points, so exploded all curves could be evaluated with de purple interpolate curve or tween curves so the closest curves/lines to those interpolated curves could be culled getting just the exterior what are the far.
Well it is my logic but i dont know how to apply it lol

I don’t understand that?

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As you can see the MCX command results into all those points who are the intersections so if I could explode or split the purple lines with the intersection points I think I could evaluate the closest lines what would be the smaller segments with the Red curves then cull them getting just the exterior ones

based in cull by distance, the offset need to be on surface for better result. (33.3 KB)


Nicely done! :muscle: thank you very much!

Great results! Disabled and separated old unused GH parts to understand better. Will study this, thanks.
Oh yes, I see. Instead of pairs of offset planes, you are using one plane intersection and offset curves from that, on the surface. Very nice. (39.8 KB) code from @ErickVasquez (edited slightly)

A closer crop of code from @ErickVasquez, with GH Profiler widget. Note the expression on the ‘Larger B’ input,

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