Help with deleting the Intersection volume

I have these two polysurfaces and I wanted to get the volume in between them. So I did a loft. However, because layer 1 and 2 intersect, there are parts considered in the purple volume which are basically not correct (it’s not the volume in between). How can I edit my code so that these parts are deleted from the volume in between?

GH file is uploaded

10.3dm (203.0 KB) (185.9 KB)

Is there anyone who can help me with this?

Perhaps you do not have to over complicating it, why do you not just increase the distance between the two meshes?

Unfortunately I can’t do that. Because I have to make a comparison between this option and one where the geometry has less surface roughness (I have to compare the purple volume in these two scenarios). So the distance between the two breps are set.

Anyone can help me with this?

Have a look it (186.0 KB)

Hi Rajeev,
Thank you for your help.

However, I don’t think this is correct because I checked the purple volume and the parts where intersect with the bumpy surfaces are still not subtracted from the volume

Hi Kiana, I managed to obtain the volume of the intersections (the red ones), but it involved rebuilding the surface you created (all the solid booleans failed). I have used Rebuild Surface from Putterfish; I’m not aware of a standard rebuild surface component.

the grasshopper file got really messy (but don’t want to spend time on cleaning it up), and it will take some time to calculate: (202.1 KB)

These are the calculated volumes: the mistake is only 1.2 %


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Hi Mark!
This is exactly what I wanted, thank you SO MUCH!!! I didn’t know about Pufferfish.

Hi again Mark :smiley:
One more question, now that the red volume is obtained, how can I subtract it from the purple one? I tried solid difference but it didn’t work

Hi Kiana, all the solid boolean components fail. So you have to recreate the volume with the trimmed surfaces. The volume also changed compared to the former situation. I am not sure what caused that.

The grasshopper file got even messier: (211.7 KB)

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Thank you Mark!! This is amazing