Remove uninstalled components

How can I remove components that I do not have installed, i.e. the white boxes in the image below:


In general there’s something funny going on, because these white boxes are the “Text”, “Font” and “Paragraph” components from Squid that are right next to the white boxes, so I thought there must be something going on with the version of Squid. However, there is only one version of Squid on food4rhino.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hoi Joost -

It’s by design that those placeholders can’t be deleted but there are several work-arounds.
You can read more about all that here:



Thanks for the incredibly quick reply Wim!
For me the easiest trick was:

  1. Ctrl + A to select everything including placeholder components
  2. Ctrl + drag the whole canvas to unselect all components except placeholder components
  3. Delete