Feature Request for Grasshopper Component Placeholder


I’ve recently upgraded to Rhino 7 and noticed some great improvements. Nice job overall!

In Grasshopper, I especially like that there is now a white placeholder for missing components from unavailable add-ons.

It would be great, if they could be moved around! At the moment, it is impossible to re-arrange definitions with these on the canvas.

Furthermore, it would be neat, if they could display some information, like the component and plugin description, for instance by hovering the mouse cursor over the white area.
I know that this information is displayed in a dialogue, when opening the file, but it would make identifying individual components easier, if the information was also available on the canvas.


I’m preparing for a similar feature in my plugin. Don’t know if David is planning to roll out something.

I replied here 16 hours ago: New Placeholder component for missing plugins in Rhino WIP Grasshopper

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Yes, but this is me kindly requesting that the placeholder could be movable and display more information in the future. Although you’re reply is interesting, I’m not looking for an explanation, why things are like they are.

It’s not possible to move them. It might break the object.

I can make them deleteable.


Couldn’t it be made into a dummy, default, or blank component that has the same number of inputs and outputs as the substituted one, but effectively does nothing? It thus could be moved around and deleted, like any other component, and if the user decides to install the parent add-on in question, it could simply be switched out?

Yes, please.