Remove Phantom Shade Object

I was wondering how I might be able to remove this phantom object from render view.
I’ve tried RefreshShade and ClearAllMeshes commands, but no luck.

I’m using Windows10 and Rhino 7
Phantom_Object.3dm (1.3 MB)

There’s something going with that surface. Try the SelBadObjects command.

ExtractBadSrf pulled this one out. I rebuilt the edges and lowered the document tolerance before joining back into a closed polysurface.

Thanks for bringing my attention to this command I didn’t know about.
The details says an invalid polysurface, so I’ll have to go back to previous steps and think of a way to build back up to the result I want.
This would have been caused by a Boolean operation I did.
I can’t do a ‘rebuild’ since I need to keep the edge/sideface position topology.

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