Remove panels from boundary

Hi all,

The left part of the script generates panels for a surface and moves them to the center of said surface.
The right part is meant to remove all panels outside the boundary of that surface. However, the results are not working exactly as planned.

Would anyone know how ti fix this?

The aim is for all of the panels that are not completely inside the original surface should be discarded.

Atm i am not getting all of the panels, just some:

I would like ot get all the panels inside the border:

Remove Panels from (15.4 KB)

A solution with split brep multiple

Remove Panels from (17.2 KB)

Hi, i think i explained my self badly. I am trying to get all of the panels which are inside.

this takes all the corner points of each panel and checks if each of them lies inside the rectangle that defines your boundary surface
if one or more corner points is not contained, that whole panel is culled form the list:

Remove Panels from (16.7 KB)

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Same result with an another definition :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Remove Panels from (19.4 KB)

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How about “boundary curve” > “collision with panel” > “cull pattern” ?

Remove Panels from (14.3 KB)

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For whoever is interested in using this script it seems to need optimization for surfaces that are not completely rectangle or have windows:


Am trying to optimize it now

Panel within (26.8 KB)

this might work for surfaces with holes, but be sure to set a Distance threshold that works well for your model and is also adequate for the Tolerance of your Rhino file

[I assume you are still looking for a way to cull panels which are not completely contained on a -this time pierced- surface]

Panel within (28.8 KB)

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Thank you! this is exactly what i was looking for :slight_smile: