Cull irregular panels

Hi guys,
Can you help me to cull the irregular diamond panels (or any distorted diamond panel) that were created due to the curve shape on the edges?
TIA! :smile:

CULL (15.1 KB)

You have to internalise the curves. Are you using Rhino 5?

all the curves are internalised in the script.

It gives me a null curve.
You could also post a rhino file with that curve.

Here you go!


Is this what you want? DIAMOND (13.7 KB)

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Thanks mark, this is exactly what i wanted. But i have little trouble understanding this step. So basically (ccx) component excludes all the open curves or how does it excludes those unwanted curves?

CCX finds all the intersections of two curves. A is the boundary curve; B is a list of panel curves.
tB is a list of all paramaters of the intersection points on the panel curves (list B).
If there are no intersections of a panel curve (from list B) with the boundary curve, the list length is 0. These curves are sifted out of the list of panels and connected to the scale component.

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