Splitting surfaces with panels

I am trying to trim the surface with panels so that i can have the part in red outside the panel area as a surface i can control. Any ideas?

using the following script i am able to get almost all of the surface with some missing parts:

split surface.gh (11.4 KB)

trim solid is useful for this kind of operation! no split remains to sort out…

split surface.gh (38.1 KB)

great, thank you! However this operation takes 1 second to perform. I wonder is there is a faster way of doing it?

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your geometry has quit a few potentially non-manifold situations. that makes it tricky to work in with 2d-only functions… actually I am surprised that trim solid does a clean job here.

split surface-ed.gh (21.2 KB)

agree with dk2079…

I did a stepped filtering process :slight_smile: