Remove intersecting Breps

I have created 3 arches that intersect each other in the middle, and I am trying to remove the intersecting brep’s in the middle to get a shape that looks like this.
I don’t know why the inside face’s remain when I use solid difference, when before it used to work. Attached is the file and I have made a group of the 3 arches that I need the middle intersecting brep’s to be removed. Thank you. (18.0 KB)

richard Edited (28.3 KB)
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Screenshot 2023-06-02 102339
Thank you for the warm welcome. Unfortunately, when I tried opening your file, I see the picture above. I tried following your logic, using clash to get the index of the faces that intersect the pipe. After I tried that, I managed to remove the inside brep’s but now the middle is missing a piece. Attached is my updated code.
Screenshot 2023-06-02 102719 (27.5 KB)

This place is wrong.

What version of Rhino do you use?

I am using Rhino 7. I think the right curve is connected to the pipe block.
Screenshot 2023-06-02 111705
I think the problem is here, the brep’s are not joining. Any solution?

I think the right curve is connected to the pipe block.

I don’t understand what you mean.
Have you made any changes to your GH? If yes, upload it.

richard (31.8 KB)
Here is the file with the breps that have a hole at the top.
Screenshot 2023-06-02 141054

You didn’t make any changes to your script since your last upload.

Based on this GH file and your question above my conclusion is you do not understand my script, nor yours.
With your logic you are joining the same surfaces with BREP JOIN, that is why it fails.

The fact that Catenary produces segmented polylines complicates the filtering out of planar surfaces (ends and bottom in purple group), so I converted the polylines to interpolated curves (yellow group). (19.8 KB)

You might find this thread interesting:


Thank you very much for your help!