Trim breps by breps


Could anyone give me comments regarding my issue?

My goal:
I am trying to trim multiple breps by breps.
In order to do that I have tested split, solid difference, and box slits.
I could’t get a good result.

As you see the above image, I would like to get rid of “a” part from red.

What kind of issue that I have in my script?

My script:
I am using Rhino 6
breps (17.8 KB)
breps breps.3dm (60.5 KB)

Thanks for your help in advance.

your SolidDifference is working:

or ar you talking about TrimSolid ?

or this? (43.2 KB)

breps inside brep don’t give you anything when you use boolean because you will get the same shapes again.
try : shape in breps or try remove curves inside the two big box and create fences outside

breps (19.8 KB)

Hi Seghierkhaled,

Thanks for your advice.
Yes you are right. It works after I remove curves inside two boxes.

Thanks for your comments.
I wanted to remove small boxes where are located in the two big boxes.

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the advice.
It works very well. Also it gives me to use another way of trim breps by breps.

noted, glad someone got to it :slight_smile:


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