Remove Image Background

Hi guys! I’m developing a moon lithophane and I want to add an image to it, as in the photo example. However, I need to find a way to remove background from images. Do you know if this is possible and how can I get started? Thank you!


I need to do something like this website where you upload an image and the background is removed:

I stard this file (I dont think this is the way hehe), but… (12.0 MB)

Thank you :smiley:

you could place the picture on the Rhino canvas and manually draw a curve as outline of what you want to get, then ignore the value of all the points that fall out of the curve

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Yes! this is a great idea, but the idea of ​​this project is that it is customizable so the user can upload an image and the background is automatically removed so that it can be inserted into the moon as a lithophane

Why not try
It’s good, free and offers HD downloads
No need to use credits. Too great

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