[BUG] Cannot hide background


I have built a new project. Added a picture to the background using the view properties to build some reference grids.

It happens now that I dont seem to be able to remove the background regardless of what I do.
Using the “Hide” function should do it but the background is stuck.
I have tried adding a new background image thinking that it would override it, but it just adds another on top.

Is this maybe a bug? Am I doing something stupid here?

And while I have your attention, I also get warnings to update my GPU drivers from Rhino, but windows says everything is up to date. Am I missing something?

I am using Rhino 7 Beta on Windows 10
(7.0.20301.12003, 27/10/2020)

It works here but instead of using the wallpaper you might want to try and copy paste the image so you can scale / move / rotate it? That way the image is on a layer, which seems more handy to me.

I use it in background to set the camera for rendering and compositing in photoshop. Using the picture doesnt quite seem to work for me, maybe I am missing the trick?
Do you have any links towards a camera calibration workflow?

sorry, can’t help on camera calibration