Clean tree not working as expected

I am using the clean tree component but somehow it isn’t removing the branches. Am I doing something wrong?

I even set all the booleans to True

Is the component supposed to function differently or is there some other component that I should be using?

clean (9.2 KB)

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I have already tried this and it doesn’t seem to work

He wants to remove empty, but the way the data is presented empty is actually a text, so the branch is not really empty.

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Thank you, this will work for now.

But is there any way to avoid the red component?
And would it still function if there was data other than a number?

Maybe, we have to know how that list was generated… unless it is a top secret, then lord knows :slight_smile:

Haha, the list was in fact an empty text. I generated the ‘empties’ using ‘replace item’ component without providing any replacement items as list.

Should I change any parameters there to make sure that it works with clean tree?

you can use this because all empty’s have the same index 0

and this ; cull index 0 than clean the tree from empty

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Thank you, this will work for now. Is there anything else I can do to remove ‘empty’ text instead of the ‘’ parameter?

i don’t know maybe when you internalised data the empty’s converted to texts as David said