Remove Edges in Solid

Hello All,

Is there a way to remove edges in a solid. I tried MergeAllfaces but it still have edges in inner side. Kindly provide solution.

Remove_edges.3dm (287.1 KB)

By remove edges, do you mean the in between edges that are showing up on the faces?

yes all the weird edges that show up after merging. Could do it all over from start by trimming properly but would be useful if I change something

One patch was open in the polysurface and I think the tangent edges are on in the display mode.

I am unable to resolve these two since the geometry is not good. It would be better to remake this.

what command you have used to remove edges?

The MergeAllFaces command only works for co-planar faces.
As @amo310597 suggested, it’s better to remake it.