Naked edges preventing coplanar faces from merging

I have lines on a wall in a 3D building model that isn’t supposed to have lines. They got there because I was using boolean commands to modify the shape after the architect that I work for changed the design a bit. We don’t like seeing the lines on the wall since they aren’t supposed to be there. MergeCoplanarFaces isn’t working to remove the lines, likely because there are some edges showing up as naked edges. I don’t see any lines that don’t line up when viewing a wire frame. I don’t understand why the edges are an issue.

How did these naked edges get in the model and why can’t I get rid of them? What practices will prevent this problem in the future? Any suggestions?

I couldn’t find this question already answered in a way that solved my problem. Photos and model attached.

Thank you very much for anyone’s help!!

Naked Edge Problem.3dm (407.5 KB)

Hi Kyle - ExtractSrf and delete the two internal faces -

then it will work.

  • Pascal

That worked!! Thank you! Such a simple solution. For future reference, what causes this? I was very careful to make sure all the edges were aligned when I was doing the boolean operations.

Hi Kyle - the prolem is the faces are internal to the wall - they do not really belong there - normally one edge can be joined to exacly one other edge at any given location but the internal faces here are causing ‘non-manifold’ edges (you can see these with ShowEdges > Non-manifold) where there are, in this case, three edges joining af some locations, like a T or a Y, and that is normally not a good thing though it is allowed. By removing these interior faces (which make a nonsense of the overall volume and should be rempved anyway) the non-manifolds are removed and everything works again.