Removing duplicate lines altogether

Hi! Trying to remove duplicate lines altogether, meaning:

1 identify duplicates

2 delete booth the lines not just one of the duplicates

Existing function: Remove Duplicate Lines is not doing it for me.

Any ideas?


Check this example…

Cull All Duplicate (7.7 KB)

Thanks a lot!

hello i tray it but it is not good how can I do that in voronoi I mean I just want to create curve without any extra curve under curves. is it possible?

You mean no duplicated lines and leave only one? If so, and if you’re running R6, try removeDuplicateLines.(under the Kangaroo2 tab -->Utility–>removeDuplicateLines)

wow thank u
you really help me
I dont know how I thank u

it really has done
thank you so much

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sorry sir but how it is possible in rhino?
is there some commend to do it?

Run “SelDup” command in rhino and “delete”.

thank you sir