GH Remote Panel wishes

Trying to make good use of the GH Remote Panel for the first time (for a simple tool that just displays areas and volumes from selected breps).
I’d say there’s plenty of room for improvements there, and also potential.

As incredible Grasshopper is, it’s window often gets in the way. Also, for a user of the GH script it might be uninteresting to see it at all. That’s the whole idea of the remote panel, no?

Minimizing the window helps, but still some UI elements can be blocked, but the best way is to close it completely and rely only on the Remote Panel, which actually, amazingly works, but:

  • Could Geometry Parameters please be publishabel to the Remote Panel as well? That would be fantastic!
  • The context menu of those hypothetical remote geo params could then be simplified:

Btw., it would be handy if the ‘Set one xxx’ option would be topmost, where it’s easiest to reach.


  • Does the remote panel need to be green, or can it look a little more like the rest of Rhino’s UI? (Can’t find a color setting in Options > Appearance)
  • Changeable font and font size. A monospaced font would help a lot for simple table data:
    That’s how it looks in the remote panel then:
  • Tabs seem not to be working in GH panels, and also not in remote panel panels.

You surely know VisualArq’s Elements, which can hold a GH script. They are so nice because they offer a ‘standard’ interface embedded in the Rhino UI, and conceal the complexity behind it, which might be of no concern for the user (who is not always the scripter, too).


Thanks a lot!
Best regards