Remeshing imported meshes for Box Morph

Hello, I want to create a facade with box morph onto an imported mesh.

Firstly I wanted to turn each mesh to a single surface so that I can use lunchbox paneling tools to create panels. I managed to turn the meshes into single surfaces, but then I couldnt trim/split the surfaces excess parts to fit the mesh(pic 1). I have manually tried trimming too, but it didnt work.

When the surface option failed, I wanted to remesh the meshes to achieve the panel grid I want. I tried evolute plug-in for rhino, but it does not have any grid size options (other that levelsets, which does not help me determine the shape of the panel), so the outcome is always square-like. (pic 2)

Basically I want to create a facade with a boxmorph onto imported meshes. Which method should I follow? Is there any plug-in I can use?(I saw starling on food4rhino but it was made in 2012, would that plugin still help?)

Any help is appreciated

Here are the files;

paneling.3dm (238.3 KB) (86.7 KB)

Pufferfish has components for making twisted boxes on meshes. They will follow the mesh faces.