Remeshing imported igs surface in Rhino

Hello guys, I’ve just learned the Rhino. I have a problem importing my igs to Rhino 7 (I made the model in Fusion 360). Is there any tools to remesh the messy surface instead of remodeling it? (on the picture) Since I have to make flow along the surface and the surface is still messy. Thanks a lot

Hi Riko -

As you are new to Rhino, it’s understandable that you are mixing up some terms.
The object in your screenshot appears to be a polysurface, and possibly one that was converted from a SubD object. In Rhino, a (poly-) surface has a display mesh and there are options available to change this mesh. It’s unlikely, though, that this is what you are trying to do.

What is messy about it? The object consists of several surfaces, is that what you mean? It’s not possible to create that object as a single surface so you’ll have to clarify the downstream requirements.

Also, while a picture might help a bit, you should always provide the 3dm file when looking for help with an issue.

Hey Thanks Wim! Very appreciate that. What I need to do is make the surface in a parallel line, so I can do “FlowAlongSrf” command. I don’t know but I use term “messy” to describe that unparallel line (haha). And here is the .3dm and picture of the design that I have to model
PLTU Bespoke_Bench.3dm (7.4 MB)