Remesh and save mesh boundary

Hi everyone!
I’m looking for a way to Remesh a mesh file bigger edge length without destroying the form of the mesh
is there a way to save the boundary or save the contour edge of the mesh?
Most of the time, I’m using ‘Simple Remesh’. attaching my .gh file
while looking in the forum, i found some other options, but probably I’m doing something wrong or I lack some of the components.
do you know how I can get there?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Tal (3.3 MB)

You need to identify creases. But since the mesh is so huge, I am wondering if it can be remeshed in Rhino.

QuadRemesher in Rhino works very fast for this soup of vertices, when you click on detect hard edges:

Dear Petras_Vestartas,
first of all, thank you!
the QuadRemesher is not an option right now- it’s on the WIP 7 right?

how can I identify the creases? I have tried to do so using Rhino “DupMeshEdge” and then “set one curve” of the selected edge to GH but nothing happened.

Here’s a way that identifies the creases: (3.5 MB)
remeshed.3dm (368.4 KB)

The remesh tools are long overdue some attention - some bugs I’ve been meaning to fix, and lots of improvements I want to add. I’ll try and get some updated versions out soon.


honestly, i don’t really know what you have done in there.
but it works great.
Thank you very much!

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