Remap the distance between tangent points

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I am designing a wall that is divided by random circles, however I would like the distance between the edges of the circles not to be less than 300m (for a column to be situated). As shown in the image I have three situations where the distances between the edges are either less or much more that
the circles are overlapping. Any idea how to solve this?

Thank you!

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Random radius or random position (or both)? What is the min/max radius of the circles? How long is the wall? Max distance between columns?

from the image you postel looks like you first divide your curve of length L into n parts, then generate random circles of random radius r centered on the division points

if you want to have a minimum distance d between circles while keeping the circles center points fixed on division points, then the maximum radius of each circle should be:
( L - ( n * d ) ) / ( n + 1 ) / 2
this accounts for the worst case scenarion in which all circles have max available diameter, and the distance between them is still d:

then when you plug the random diameter, anything can happen :slight_smile: (I would give it a minimum domain >> 0 ) (9.3 KB)

a complete different story if those center points can also move along the wall…

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This is another attempt with unequally spaced points, but a constant spacing between random circles.
It uses the length along the curve though.
If the spacing drops below 300 the circles turn red. (19.1 KB)

For exact chord spacing it requires my Divide Distance Multiple.
Or Anemone… Or Nautilus… Or stay with a line and the case above !

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Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your reply, and my apologies for not being clear.
Please find the clarifications below:

  • The radius should be random, the position of the circles to be fixed.
  • Minimum radius 600mm maximum radius 2400mm.
  • The wall length is not finalized yet. Is it critical to know the length to have a distance between of 300mm between the circles? Please elaborate.

Attached is a failed attempt from my side. The idea I was trying to achieve is measure the distance between the edges of the circle and then use the cull pattern to remove any distance lower than 300mm and then figure a way to remap (which I am not sure is possible).Please excuse my beginner grasshopper skills :sweat_smile:

Thank you.

Hi Inno,

Thank you for your reply. I will go through the script and get back to you with the results.

Kind Regards.

Hi MagicTeddy,

Thank you for your reply. The solution looks interesting I will go through it and let you know if it works :+1:

Kind Regards.

That’s only an image, you haven’t posted any GH code or geometry. So I’m not interested.

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Hi MagicTeddy,

Is the Divide Distance by Multiple a plugin command?

That’s an (unreleased) plugin I made.
magicteddy.gha (70.5 KB)

Other solutions are discussed in this thread.

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