Relocate Gumball not working

Short bug report:

After I completed the “Relocate Gumball” command, the gumball first appear in the correct (new) location. After deselecting and selecting again, the gumball shows up in the old position.

best, Frank

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Hi Frank - this is the expected behavior for multiple selections, control points, or groups (=multiple selection). Is that the case here?


Hi Pascal,

Yes, that was the case here.
If this in intentional, I will try to group my selection first.


Hi Frank, it’s not so much intentional as unavoidable… it’s a limitation that is not possible, currently, to work around, so I’m told.

Grouping is not going to help - that is simply a multiple selection.


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The workaround is to use Block first to block the selections. The relocated gumball will then remember it’s location. Explode will free the objects from the block. HTH