Reload Rhinocommon plugin on mac


I have been developing a SketchUp plugin for a few years and now I am looking into developing a Rhino version with Rhinocommon on macos. I have followed all the initial tutorials and I am starting to get the grip of it.

However, one big obstacle is the fact that every time I make a change I have to restart Rhino to reload the plugin. I know this is not a new issue and I have found on this forum workarounds for Windows. For example this

Is there a similar or recommended approach for macos to speedup development? Especially during the initial stages of development you need to restart several times and you end up spending a bit chunk of your time just waiting for Rhino to restart.


@curtisw - can you help with this?

Hey @ruggiero.guida,

There’s no facility to reload plugins in Rhino on either Windows or Mac. However, the same approach as that example should also work on Mac.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @curtisw . I will give it a go then.