Tips for cross platform plugin development / debugging


I’m curious if anyone has any especially useful tips or especially useful discoveries for cross platform plugin development.

I’m struggling with a complex plugin originally created for the windows environment that I’d like to port over to mac. I haven’t yet been able to get beyond the ‘this plugin is incompatible’ window that appears on detecting the newly created/ported plugin.

An Update:

I will continue to work with a divide and conquer strategy to get to the bottom of this but am posting some new warnings.

I’m working form a recently downloaded mac version - running as a trial.

Compiling the plugin via a mono environment.

Under the images is also attached a copy of the report given after restarting.

I’m wondering if this has something to do with a rhinocommon.dll that I’m using - when first moving to the Mono environment I didn’t know where the dll was located on a mac so I copied the reference over from my pc. Is there any advice for using mac or pc dlls? I understand that they should be the same conceptually - am I using an old version? Is there a location for downloading the most recent dlls?

RhinoCommon on Windows and Mac are very similar, but not the same.

This guide may help get you started

Regarding the locations of the dlls on a Mac, please have a look here:

Especially point 3: here you can see where they are located (inside the Rhinoceros application) and how to point to them.

If you want to use the newest dlls, I think, using the Mac WIP is the way to go…