Regular PBR Texture is emitting in Raytraced in V8 Beta

i saw some weird Light behaviour and turned down all the lights to see where it came from. it seems the PBR materials are emitting some sort of light reflection or light bleed, when i switch to custom Material the scene stays dark as it should. i am still using Beta did not get to install the trial so if that got resolved in the meanwhile kindly ignore my post.

here a test scene i played with.

light issue PBR.3dm (852.9 KB)

That looks like regular diffuse light bounces to me.

Oh, I see what you mean, there is no lighting in the scene, since all light intensities are set to 0.

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i have set up a similar scene in V7, there all gets dark when i turn off the lights, but when i take this scene which was built up in V8 over to v7 i have the same leaking with all the lights turned off.

yup correct

Hmm, this is probably the reflection environment doing lighting.

Setting up like this has everything black - that is a custom env with just solid black bg color

Having the reflection env enabled:

yes thats true, but when i switch the material to custom it stays dark without having to change the custom reflect. so it rather has to do with the PBR material i assume.

Yup - but in this case it is the changes to the background shader I did that are the issue.