Regression: Right Sidebar Headers/Labels

Hi McNeel,

In Rhino 7 a docked right sidebar does not have headers/labels above the tabs:

While Rhino 8 now has these superfluous labels in docked mode:

That disappear when the containers are made floating:

Can you please add an option to also hide these labels when containers are docked?

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hi @AndersDeleuran sorry we missed this earlier.
What you show is the most unfortunate configuration, with horizontal tabs and text only. But I can see if you have it configured like that, the titles don’t make much sense.
Since in Rhino 8 these headers also function as the area to grab the container, I don’t think we can remove those. I think they could be hidden in locked mode though, is that your request?

Yes I think so. Basically, I would love if the docked containers (above) would look like the floating one (below):

Which still has the grip area dots and option wheel icon.

I see what you mean, but that will only be possible when the tabs are horizontal. Floating containers always have tabs horizontal. Also they are more superfluous when tabs are text only or text + image, than with icons only.

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On a side note, I noticed that certain containers/tabs have these white bar glitches in floating mode (e.g. Display and Grasshopper) that disappear when docked:

Ah yes, I didn’t consider vertical tabs. Anywho, yes “hidden in locked mode” would be much appreciated. Similar to how it works in Rhino 7 (second part of this video capture):

I’ve added that info to

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