Region intersection is feeble

I just don’t get why “intersect region” can’t process multiple curves at once.
In this particular case, I have a circle and a bunch of polygonal loops.
If I feed all the polygons, nothing is output, but if I feed just the one that ought to work, it works.
This component could be super-powerful, but it isn’t because it requires a whole lot of cumbersome matching to get it to do it’s job.
Intersect region (8.0 KB)

Same goes for boolean intersection :

Graft the list (‘B’ input):

Hi Joseph,

Well, the trouble is that I actually have a bunch of “A” curves too…
If you graft both lists, it won’t work, and if you graft only one, it won’t work either.

The only “simple” workaround I found was a brute force “Holistic” + grafting :

Brute (5.1 KB)

Oddly, swapping the ‘A’ and ‘B’ inputs without grafting works.

Intersect (10.6 KB)


Thanks Joseph.

It works, but does it make sense ?

As a sidenote, it takes the exact same time with the “Holistic” approach.

Just another GH quirk. I stopped counting weird behaviors like this years ago when I realized that well-known bugs that persist for years are integral to the Rhino/GH/McNeel culture.

I’m sure that this kind of oddities will be gone in GH2.
On the other hand, I think Rhino 8 will be pretty much the same old shoe.

Somewhere, over the rainbow…

I don’t see any reason to believe things will ever change.