Region intersecting two trees

I want to region-intersect two trees each carrying a bunch of closed polygons. List “A” (red curves) has e.g. 4 items, list “B” (blue curves) has different polygons but the same amount as list A. How can I region intersect each index across the two trees? E.g. index 0 (List A) with index 0 (List B), index 1 (List A) with index 1 (List B), index 2 (List A) with index 2 (List B)?

The attached file doesn´t give me the correct intersection for each item. (15.0 KB)


The first polyline in both lists (all branches) is duplicated.

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thanks for the reply. you can remove the shift path component. It doesnt matter. I´m aware of the fact that the first two curves are duplicates. But it should work anyway. (14.0 KB)

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If you want this result , use graft in the first input

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