Region intersection problem

I meant to say thanks, to both of you @inno and @anon39580149.

This is one of those dead end situations, I guess (unless I split one set of curves {perforations} with the other set, then split that set with the perforations, then join all fragments). Plus, one of those seemingly ignored or forsaken things that haven’t gotten solved. In this topic, the same solution is chosen: use clipper. On this other topic, also cited in a reply above, you (@anon39580149) show a rather simple solution - if I attempt to imitate what’s shown there, grasshopper simply freezes indefinitely - most likely due to the amount of curves in the sets?

It seems I have to resort to Clipper 2, or play the slow game with solid intersection(s) - which is an ultra counterproductive workaround. My intuition tells me one must separate the sets of intersecting curves, leaving out those not intersecting with anything, then proceed with Region Intersection - nonetheless it only works with the panel edge (many intersecting one), but it doesn’t work in the case of multiple intersecting multiple (panel holes intersecting perforations).


Best to you guys

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