Reg key value for manifest file

I am trying to enlarge the tools icons on a Surface Book. I used the download and it seems to have installed properly but there is no change in the tools. The registry value is there but followed by (1) is that correct?
Would love to have this working soon

The registry detail is listed in the Wiki page:

Thanks John - I saw that and it matches what I see in my registry. The only difference is the appended value in parenthesis (1). I am unclear if that is the correct value or should it be (0). Maybe I’ll just try and change it.

I’m running a freshly updated Windows 10 Pro on a new top end Surface Book. Rhino 5 was downloaded and freshly installed a few hours ago.

TIA Robb

A setting of 1 tells Windows to use an external manifest file if it exists.
0 means do not use an external manifest.

If the DWORD set to 1, and rhino.exe.manifest is in C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\System, then it will work.

Thanks again John,

It worked now… the issue was that I used a right click on the start menu to check that I had properly located the manifest file. It showed the \Start Menu\Programs location with shortcuts and the manifest file and I mistakenly thought I was looking at \Program Files\

My ignorance of Windows 10 nuances… All good now and I will continue testing.

Many thanks,