Reflect's Layer Color

Is it possible to change the layer color of a SubD created with Reflect?

What is “Reflect”? Do you have a sample model you can share?

– Dale

This is a "! This is the result of executing the “_Reflect” Command.
Is the inverted Objcect on the right a so-called “undecided” object?
I thought that the layer color on the right side could not be changed.

I’d like to complete this as a single object with “! _Reflect _Pause _RemoveExistingSymmetry” Command?


Also, as you may have already figured out, there are some parts that have not been translated into Japanese.


There is a symmetry setting in the view mode settings.

tools>options>view>shaded>symmetry settings for pc
for mac preferences, display modes>shaded>symmetry settings for mac

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Thank you very much.