Reflect plane

How can I always keep the symmetry plane highlighted?


There isn’t a way currently but I’ve filed this as . Thanks.


the reflect tool now has a visual cue to see where it is- grab the latest wip to try it!

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thank you @theoutside, really happy about this feature!!!

Is it possible to have a “live update” of the reflected side while I’m moving points instead of being update just when I release mouse button?


as of now, no… but there is much debate about how this tool works. feel free to throw your opinion in!

@theoutside, it’s just how I was used with T-splines and Clayoo
so, can you please put it on the pile for me?

will do-

This may already be on the list, but just incase: A request for “quad Reflect”. So we can work on a 1/4 of the part and it reflects on the X & the Y.

For example in Jewellery most rings are symmetrical on both axis. Currently I need to work with say… reflect on X, for one vert manipulation, then change to Reflect on Y, do another small edit and back again to X…
It feels cumbersome, slow and unintuitive. Here I’m not building a known item from a previously prepared draft/plan… that may allow one to do several steps before changing the Reflect axis, design and modeling are one process of a pull here and a push in the other direction.

thank a lot