Reflect command and a red line in the middle

Does reflect need history enabled to work? Why is sometimes a red line visible along the reflect axis ?
Thank you beforehand


It seems to work without the need to activate History

the Line is a visual aid to show the reflection axis, you can control it in display mode > object > SubD section


Thanks, It’s curious that in the attached model no red line appears. Also the reflect command , while creating a symmetric sub D, only updated deformations in the reflected side if record history was enabled while executing the reflect command… Any ideas ?

Carro 012.3dm (243.7 KB)

I have a curious issue with Discourse downloads, sometimes they just don’t get past the 17kb line…

As far as I can see here reflect is updating without History record being on. Only History Update is enabled. [do you have History update on?

regarding the line not showing, I’ll try later again to download your model to see if it shows here.
And perhaps someone else can look at this sooner.


Thanks ! So the red line is there, upsssst, I really must change my glasses !

Just done reflect without history enabled and the reflected side seems not to update. Can you fellows check the file ?

Carro 012 reflectNotWorking.3dm (289.0 KB)

Thanks! so it works with you…I am going also to do a short clip to show the problem in my computer

Here it goes

Your update children is off.
Gotta update your children :baby:

Thanks, children indeed must (most of the time) follow their parents :slight_smile: !